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California…Here we come

By: Minuet in G…”MinnieG”…a 1977 Argosy made by Airstream that is excited to be on this adventure with Vannie and Dave…

Destination…THE TOURNAMENT OF ROSES PARADE…Pasadena, California…Oh, my goodness, there is so much to see on the way. I’m going to be taking you on an adventure out west…so hang on to your hat, and let’s hit the road.


NTAC (North Texas Airstream Community)…right off I35 and State hwy 22


SAN ANGELO STATE PARK…Mercedes Road…next to O.C.Fisher Lake

Temp in the 30’s…I was feeling very spiffy. Ashley and Diane (V and D’s son and daughter-in-law) had helped give me a new coat of paint. Sometimes a girl needs a make-over, especially when she’s going to California. On their morning walk, Vannie found a deer hoof and Dave discovered some mistletoe. Vannie decided not to save the hoof, but Dave hung the mistletoe in me…for obvious reasons. …Christmas is in the air.!!!


Davis Mountain State Park…Hwy. 17…Near Big Bend

Come on, Folks…The scenery is beautiful…This great country of ours has loads of stuff to see. Love traveling with all of you.

I have more to catch up on. The internet is sketchy in some places. Davis Mt. State Park was almost none existence. Next post will include Marfa, TX, Scenic Overlooks, El Paso, TX, and Las Cruces.


Published by vanetteharrislusfibernet

My husband and I are full time RVer's. We have been on-the-road since 2011. I've been writing a blog on another site during that time. I just recently decided to change to Word Press. My blog is written in the voice of our 1977 Airstream, Gypsy Rhapsody or our 1979 Argosy, Minuet in G...depending on which one we are using at the time.

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