Louisiana November Part 4

By: Minuet in G

MinnieG is a 1979 Argosy made by Airstream that felt upstaged by the turkey.

Vannie and Maddie always LOVE a project. Since the Salvagio crew arrived the night before the festivities, there was plenty of time to do some cutting, gluing, and putting together.

Yes…we are thankful…family, friends, fun, food, festivities, feasts, fall, favorite things, famished, full

V and D’s son, Ashley…daughter-in-law, Diane…daughter, Emilie…all pitching in to complete the Thanksgiving meal…

FYI…we are not having dinner in “me”, as if you hadn’t noticed. A friend of Emilie’s had gone to Destin, FL with her family and had offered her house so that we could all celebrate together. A blessing, for sure.

Everyone was stuffed after dinner…so it was time for a walk to the park. Fall was busting out all over…golds, yellows, oranges, greens, browns.

Time for a little Christmas

Maddie (7)…Cooper (14)…Vincent (10)

After everyone settled down, V and D got a good one with Vincent and Maddie…

…and then on another day, they took Cooper out to lunch and to the star show at the planetarium…and got a delightful photo.

Vannie say that sometimes you just have to go with Plan B.

V and D wish for each and every one of you ………………………..Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas

Gobble…Gobble…A Peeping Tom…(Get it…LOL)

…And that’s a rap for November…

…V and D are heading to California to attend the Rose Parade Airstream Rally…Lots of great adventures coming up. Stay tuned.!

Published by vanetteharrislusfibernet

My husband and I are full time RVer's. We have been on-the-road since 2011. I've been writing a blog on another site during that time. I just recently decided to change to Word Press. My blog is written in the voice of our 1977 Airstream, Gypsy Rhapsody or our 1979 Argosy, Minuet in G...depending on which one we are using at the time.

4 thoughts on “Louisiana November Part 4

  1. My favorite bedtime story, a post by Minnie G or Rhapsody writing about all V’s and D’s big adventures. The pictures are wonderful!! Now I can sleep like a baby!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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